despondent and darfur

darfur seems to have gone under the wire, as they say -- how come we stopped hearing about the women being raped and killed in this civil war? what's gonna happen to the 2million displaced people ?


the papers talk now about displaced people - is that easier than talking about how many have been killed ?

i saw a great documentary this past weekend and gleened this saying: the united states of amnesia

don't you just love that saying?

oh and the documentary was called: One Bright Shining Moment

it's about George McGovern's failed bid to take over this country and how IMHO, if he would have won how different our lives would be right now

will the next George McGovern please stand up before '06??


Andrew said...

Okay, then I'll be completely honest with you. I'm glad you dropped by and left such an insightful comment on "To Love, Honor and Dismay." Thanks.

All the best,

glorydee said...

hey again! to answer the question, i'm a teacher by profession and a writer by frustration... anyway, mom is gonna kill me when she knows my name bothers me (a bit) :) thanks for always stopping by. i've bookmarked your site, i feel i need it to keep me aware. good times!

glorydee said...

oh... and those 'WHAT IFs' about leaders that never became -- exactly how it is in my country too. real and sad.

Anonymous said...

Darfur = no oil, no haliburton potential = no interest by GWB ... oh, except for mouthing support of UN or Intl Aid involvement. how convenient that he blows off the UN except when he can use them as a foil. and truthfully, between him, his daddy & reagan, they have plundered our nation so thoroughly, i'm not sure there's anything left to help darfur with. Drs w/o borders are heroes in there, but is this what it's come down to...privately funded & motivated groups to do what we as a nation used to be proud to do...when we had the high moral ground, that is.

AZ, i still remember the night/day I saw the news about the Watergate break-in. I was soooo happy, thinking well, that's it, nixon will never be re-elected now, long live McGovern. what a disappointment when it was all brushed aside until after the election. hmmm, in hindsight, it looks like a classic rove-playbook stall. Thanks for reminding me to think again about how different things might have been (same thoughts about Al Gore).

Hunter Thompson published a small recollection of his last conversation with Geo McGovern the night before election '04. They both agreed it was the most important election in either of their lifetimes. GMcG predicted a huge Kerry win. HST said "we will ride back into DC on a road of bones". So sad. D.K.

azgoddess said...

andrew - thanks for stopping by - hope you like my thoughts/blog

glorydee - as i watch the world news - i figured that our country was not the only one who makes bad choices..or should we say - people in power make bad choices for us..hope yours gets better soon

dk - yes, i remember watergate and watching it on the news...should we admit to being that old? grin
and i remember Nixon's re-election being the moment in time that i completely lost faith in the 'system' and chose to not vote and not even learn what everyone was doing in DC..while living in this country, i had left it

i sadly watched lake erie and it's tributaries turn to sludge and still did nothing

but now they are messing with my kids and grandkids lives\futures - and i can sit back no longer...

Anonymous said...

AZ, are you kidding, I LOVE having been around in "that" era. The '72 Nixon/McG race was my first time voting, although I had campaigned for RFK in '68. To paraphrase that hag, Ann Coulter, "I wear my age as a badge of courage". Forties were fine, Fifties are indeed fabulous, Sixties are (or will be) sexy! And SHE (Ann the C) will still be ugly from the inside out no matter what her age.

Your blog has many good ideas & thoughts ... though I might have thought a "goddess" would be more tolerant of "rankism" (just kidding). D.K.

azgoddess said...

DK - awww, i was kidding!!

i love getting older and wiser...i just wish i had more wisdom that age at times - laughing

ok, kidding again...isn't menopause great!!

hope your back gets better soon!!

Penrick said...

Isn't it amazing? Remember when they couldn't stop talking about Katrina and now that's over......except that it hasn't been rebuilt fully, no one knows where all the money and resources went and ..........