interesting email

just wanted to share an email i got today - tell your story

since i signed up for practically all of the left-wing action web sites..i get lots of emails every day about something or another..

and like my republican dad used to say to me, take everything with a grain of salt...

now, my dad and i disagree about a lot of things but some of his sage advice is good for right and left winged thinkers

like the one about eating\tasting a piece of meat - before you add any salt...

so, click on the link and tell your story about how the rise in the price of gas has affected your life

and remember

that some of these organizations claiming to be left-wing action groups might very well be a wolf in sheep's clothing (republican)

and even if lots of left-wingers are saying something and they all agree on the topic -- well, you can still make up your own minds about things...and even disagree


Andrew said...

The price of gas is crazy, I agree, and I bet it's never getting better.

Thanks again for popping over. You're always insightful and always welcome.

All the best,

glenda said...

Thanks, nice blog!!

Deepak Gopi said...

Nice blog