ok lieberman lost...but how many people here know what happened in their own back-yard last night??

ok, no lectures here


i've been trying to figure out how to word this all day long


how many people who knew about lieberman losing, know who is running in their own state/city this november?

see, that's my point...

'they', i believe, are trying to distract us from what is most important now

and that is, for each who want to take back this country to get involved - locally -- find out who is running and what they are all it republican or democrat or independent

that's what i am doing right now!!


glenda said...

unfortunately, think you are right, and many are more likely to vote for American Idol than for their reps.
We need to start teaching civics again.

Pawlie Kokonuts said...

good point...which reminds me of why I despise the movie "Forrest Gump": during the Vietnam War, most simply went -- despite all the publicity of war marches, etc. It wasn't until the war bothered middle class Americans that things began to change. The Lieberman story is the headline du jour; the hard work of change must take place locally and congressional seat at a time. I do hope Lieberman's loss is a sign of a new tide,

azgoddess said...

thanks for stopping by you 2...

if i were pres - i would outlaw is our Big Brother...

and about that brought back so many memories (Forrest Gump) - one was going out in the hallways in school and listening to them announce the draft numbers over the loud speakers...and watching the faces of the guys as they did...

and knowing some of them wer enot coming back..sigh

Walker said...

I think its time people all over the world took a good look.
Its going to hell fast and no one seems to be doing anything about it.
They kniow how to manipulate the thoughts of people be feeding their beleifs.
For Bush, the best thing that happened to him was 9:11.
It ,made him King.
I recently saw the movie V for Vendetta if you havent seen uit take a gander.

azgoddess said...

walker - i know this may sound weird

but i think the best thing that happened to the american public was 9:11

my reason is - because we are finally waking up to the 'people' in charge and their mass manipulations...

some of us are awake now...and i know for me, i don't plan on going back to sleep!