ok, i couldn't resist this one

come on - the pres just ask for it at times..

he has risen us up to red alert again..well, again since well, i didn't know

so i google the term - and came up with these:

top winner was a video game - hummm
next was web site monitoring
a project protecting the endangered squirrel in the UK
and a short film... called red alert

watch it - it is a riot !!!

oh, my other thought was - how come goggle doesn't even have record of all the times our pres has raised the red alert flag???


Anonymous said...

oh, that zefrank guy is tooo cute! "Hey, if I'm reading this sign, then I must not have been killed by terrorists"!! Thanks for the laugh, I needed one. Hmmm, what about waving a red flag to stop a Bull? Bull as in BS, or metaphor for Cheney in there somewhere? D.K.

Walker said...


Maybe you should check and see who is the main stock holder in Google.
Thanks for stoping by. I'll stick around for a bit if its ok and have a nice read. :)

azgoddess said...

oh yes DK - bs as in Cheney - good one!!

when i first saw this - it sounded real to me...so i watched it with a different light - but when he got to the part about ann coulter - that just cracked me up...

thanks for stopping by walker...feel free to stay as long as you want

Jory said...

AZ, the reason that you can't find any other "red" alerts is because this is the first since the terror alert system was initiated (all of the others were to "orange"). I do wonder why the media don't seem to cover when he raises the alerts though. It seems to be something of an election year phenomenon...