friday is almost here

my class is moving

at an
accelerated rate

whew -- but
it is
almost over

found this great

check it out!!


and now for something completely different : PeopleFinders



fjb said...

I haven't regretted joining AVAAZ for a minute. You get the sense that you're part of something that's working, and you will be heard. Wonderful people and wonderful organization.


Peacechick Mary said...

Hang in there. I know how that is - grinding away meeting class deadlines and just staying on top of it all. YOu'll do fine.

Mitch said...

Good luck with your class - it's always good to want to learn new things; even if sometimes it makes you realise what you knew all along, just another way to organise all that knowledge.

BBC said...

Yeah, going dancing tonight?

That looks like an interesting site. Do you also look at the Earth Justice site?

I'm trying to get back to my alternate energy inventing. But lots to do this summer, maybe this winter after I get more organized.

More organized, ha, ha, ha.

Hill said...

Dance, girl! It's always good when a class is almost done with. Whooooo Hooooooooo!!!