i miss you guys

i promise

i'll be back
to this regularly
(well usually
scheduled blog

by the end of this week

school will be over


and now for something completely different : MacroPeace



Peacechick Mary said...

You must be getting down to final exams. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. As for MacroPeace - I still spend time studying that site. I wish I could have been an attendee at the conference.

SheaNC said...

I'll be here procrastinating worse than anyone!

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

We miss you, too.

I understand having to give the blog a break sometimes. If it becomes a monkey on your back, it's time get rid of the monkey. Keep it fun.

enigma4ever said...

okay I worked hard to find you and your blog- because the old blg site does not work...anyways Enigma4ever here and I am back...I am sorry I was gone for so long ...Watergate Summer has been updated...but I will poke around for a bit and see what is going on with you....

I have missed you much....

BBC said...


The thing is

I went camping for five days

The world didn't get any better or worse while I was gone

Our blogs are just specks of dust and if you only posted once a month it wouldn't be any more noticeable than if you posted everyday.

So..... Instead of posting, go dancing, or camping because you are not going to change the world anyway. Hugs.