wanna say

that one
of my
has written

a book

check it

and when
you get done

come back
view this

this guy
to be one
of my

his words
speak for


and now for something completely different: What's Really in Pet Food?



Robert Rouse said...

Announcing the first annual Blog World Report Awards. Please drop by today and make your nominations in six categories. Thanks!

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Great links, Thanks.

I've always loved George Carlin, he knows what he's talking about, intelligent and funny.

I have noticed whats happening to this country and I'm appalled by what I've seen our government and the corporations s do to destroy this country. Bush hasn't done anything but give into the terrorists and the corporations for greed and pride. I've noticed, I wish more people would!

BBC said...

I don't know how good pet food is or isn't, but I have to feed my cats something. And a lot of people food seems to have problems also.

Maybe it will all get better in the future?

That link was a long read and doing a word search for 'horse' came up empty, but I'm sure that they use a lot of horse meat in pet foods. At auctions they are called canners.

Not that I see anything wrong with that, just pointing it out is all.

fjb said...

Hi Az, hope all is good with you.

Congrats to Mark and Ben. I'm a big fan of both.

Nadia A. said...

Graeme also posted about this book. Looks good!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Carlin and I have been "friends" longer than either of us want to admit!:) He still speaks the truth.

enigma4ever said...

yahooo...can't wait...I am going to blog on it later in the week...if all of us Blog on it and buy it...that would be great...