random sites for this week


My kids taught me that word "random". And I plan on using it liberally in this post, smile.

A new look at Google Earth. Now, a one stop place to eliminate unwanted catalogs from your snail mailbox and save a few trees.

One of the most amazing organizations of our time spotlighting an incredible inventor.

Here's a place to share your inner most secrets at PostSecret blog. The concept is to send in a decorated postcard with a secret that has never been uttered to another human being. Some hot babes to get you going - just kidding - they are a pyrotechnic theater troupe.

Here's a place where you can go to get smarter and donate free rice - for FREE! A place to go for great music is righteous babes records.

And it's finally appeared on the internet, a place to go to get free therapy - hey, I'm totally serious here. Did you know that John Mayer has his own blog and takes pictures of the food he eats every day?

Maybe we need to send this to baby bush for his review - but we gotta tell him he can't make any changes to it. People who use business to make positive changes in our world.

Well, my friends - that's all I've got to share with you. Oh wait - here's how to do what you love.

*** peace
*** peace
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enigma4ever said...

okay now I feel like a school girl...wow...my favorite is the John mayer blog...and he takes pictures of his food...wow...so much good stuff here...lovely....

Hope all is well and that you had a good Thanksgiving...take care....

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Um....who the hell is John Mayor?:)

I loved the google earth scenes. Played all of them. So beautiful!

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Great sites. I have been playing "Free Rice" all week.

Love the John Mayer site.

Bush to read? By his own admission, he can't read, he has someone read things to him. He wouldn't have a need to read that silly piece of paper. Oh, he likes to look at his ranch on the Google map thingy. He loves the Internets.

Hill said...

Dubya reading.


Hiya, goddess.


Pawlie Kokonuts said...

Free therapy? Fine, but the $35 I spend as a co-pay for Dr. Tim are the best $35 spent every month (or every week, if needed).

BBC said...

I hope that the rest of your week is peaceful hon. I'm going dancing Friday evening. After my nap. :-)

Mary said...

I will be watching those google earth clips on my breaks for sure. How calming.

Phil BC said...

Pictures of food? Mmmm, don't, you'll make me hungry - and it's only 10am here!

enigma4ever said...

Hey there friend...I think some comments of mine are gone..that is odd..oh well...it is jan7th..and we have not heard from you in a while,...I hope you are okay...write me...enigma4ever@earthlink.net...let me know how you are...namaste..