oh yea

so this week has
been a week
of good links

hope you enjoy them!!

The early election results will get you in a good mood, while this Senate Bill could make you cry. This link will make you wonder, huh? And I bet ya didn't know this has other uses (this guy has quite a few YouTube videos, check them out).

The environment is important to all of us. So are earth policies towards the environment. Do you wonder how the candidates feel about the environment?

The best I saved for last - every thing you wanted to know about the current financial condition. Follow the arrows on the bottom left hand side of the page.

** peace my friends, much peace


Renegade Eye said...

To gain control over emissions, you need a planned economy, contrary to capitalist entrepeneurs.

enigma4ever said...

you always have the best links...thank you...hope all is well with you.....

BBC said...

A planned economy, not in this greedy country of empire builders. I'm setting myself to live on very little because soon there will be very little.

My place is free and clear and being very skilled and a country boy I'll get by just fine and be thankful for what I have while I spend a lot of time at the beaches and camping.

Because all I have is all I need.

SheaNC said...

Hi Azgoddess! I finally made progress organizing my own list of links, and now I will have to go through yours and add a bunch of those too. I should have opened by saying, "Hello, my name is Sheanc and I am a linkoholic."